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HT-2019-010 LED Street Light

Product Details
Product Advantage
A higher light efficiency
The light is stronger
Energy conservation better
Description Of Products
Efficient heat dissipation performance, imported packaging technology;
Using the constant power drive power, have dimmer function interface,
power output regulation between 0 ~ 100%;
Connect the city lighting intelligent control system,
it can realize the remote intelligent control;
Using high thermal conductivity aluminum alloy material appearance.
No electromagnetic radiation, no pollution, no ultraviolet ray;
Novel appearance, beautiful and easy, has advantages of energy-saving,
environmental protection, long service life, many national patents.
Application Places
It is mainly used for urban expressway and main road"s auxiliary road,
The pavement,Secondary trunk road,branch road,factory,School,road lighting, etc.
A 398*160*80  60W-75W
B 510*186*80  80W-100W

C 518*250*80  150W-180W

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